• Master of Management, Peking University
  • Bachelor of International Business, Shanghai University of Finance & Economics
  • Exchange Program, Toulouse Business School, France
  • Exchange Program, Old Dominion University, the U.S.A

Jie Chu, The Founder

Jie was a former International Relation Manager of Ugloble and founder of Shenzhen Chujun Investment Consulting Ltd in China. She is also the deputy director of Financial Services Centre of the Beijing Health Promotion Association, a platform to connect healthcare companies, hospitals and government bodies in China. 

Before Jie Chu founded Panda Chinese, she was investment & immigration professional and built an investment platform for Chinese Institutional Investors to invest oversea. She loves different cultures and has traveled worldwide (Europe, North America, South America, Middle East and Asia) for business, study and fun. As a language lover, Jie learned French, Japanese, German and Spanish and now is learning Hindi. Jie also did freelance translation and interpreter for big Chinese corporates, congressman, governor, mayor and government officials in U.S.. She found Panda Chinese out of her passion for Language and Education.  

Jie Chu with U.S. Governor and ambassador

Jie Chu with U.S. Governer and Ambassador

Jie Chu with Congress man

Jie Chu with u.s. congressman

Jie Chu with U.S. Governer

Jie Chu with U.S. Senate

Jie Chu with U.S. senate

Jie Chu with U.S. Congressman

Professional Review

Jie Chu is both a good friend and business associate. I have known her approximately seven (7) years.  She is loyal, smart, innovative, dedicated, creative, cleaver and above all of solid character. Jie is very educated, being one  of the youngest people in China to obtain the status of a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). This is a three-part exam and it is exceedingly difficult to obtain. It requires study, knowledge and common sense. She has organized top level investment conferences in China and other places. She is extremely detail oriented and always on time. She is exceedingly organized and detail oriented. I have observed her amazing skills at follow-up and getting things competed in a timely fashion. When things go wrong, and in business there are always challenges, she finds a solution(s) to make it a win.

Jie Chu is always professional and is an amazing listener and speaker. She is a quick learner and a great teacher. She dresses in a way that is both professional and elegant. I cannot give a person a higher recommendation than I am giving this superstar person. Whatever Jie Chu undertakes you can expect the best then be surprised when it exceeds your expectations.

JOhn probandt

Manager director of checkmate capital

Sun Hai feng

Jie and I both studied in Peking University. Jie is a talented educator and herself has proved to be so. She has a wonderful life experience that majority of our generation is lack of. I wish she will create more miracles in years ahead!

Liu quan

Jie has been one of the best people I have been working with. She is super smart, highly ​engaging and a multilingual talent. I am very impressed that she gave up all the opportunites worldwide for her and has been devoting herself in education sector in India. Me, as a man would not be that brave as she is!

Ran Li

I was Jie's Client. Jie has been very dedicated and responsible for my case.I really appreciate all the efforts she has put in.